Our recent Enquiries

Here's a collection of our most recent enquiries for our products. You can click on each image below to find out more information about that specific model. We help 1,000s of organisations around the world with their promotional product needs. You can fill out a Quick Quote form and we can send you our latest prices, samples and branding information.
Wafer - Credit Card USB

Credit Card Style Flash Drives

credit card style flash drives with a simple image on the front and back, I will provide the artwork.
Twister - Personalised USB

Twister Style USB Sticks

May we have a quote on Twister Style USB Black Shell based on 100 Units and 1,000 Units x 8Gb USB with Col Print on Both Sides How much extra to upload 4Gb Content
Classic - Personalised USB

Bulk USB Sticks

Hi, I am looking to gain quotes to purchase a large batch of USB sticks. Thank you
Kinetic - Personalised USB

Branded Memory Sticks

We'd want blue memory sticks with logo, 5 day service. Please could you quote for 100 and for 150 memory sticks. Many thanks.
Pod - Personalised USB

Buy USB Sticks

Hello, I am interested in buying 100 usb sticks as quickly as possible.
Twister Go - Personalised USB

Personalised USB Sticks

Hi, Please could you provide a quote for 500 2GB USB drives.
Rotator - Personalised USB

8GB Branded Flash Drives

Hi,Please can you forward me a quotation for the following: Qty 250, 500, 1000, 1500, 3000 8GB Rotate Flash Drive - printed full colour. Please can you also let me know the price for the above to be full colour and the case to be a pantone match
Gyro - Personalised USB

Branded USB Sticks

Hi I am looking to get some branded USB sticks made. I would like a quote for 50 and a quote for 100 and maybe another for a larger quantity if the price is competitive. I am imagining the USB being white with our logo added. USB will need to be at least 2GB.
Twister - Branded USB Sticks

Logo USB Sticks

Branded logo please, could I get a quote for 100 16GB sticks and a quote for 100 32GB Sticks.
Event - Lanyard USB Stick

Lanyard USBs

Hi. I am interested in branded flashdrives please. Please could you advise on your cheapest options of either 2gb or 4gb branded drives, which ideally could be connected to a lanyard.
Orbit - Personalised USB

Branded USBs

Hi there, I am looking for 800 USB's branded and also our catalogue loaded on them to give away at a show next week. Can you do this in the time-frame and what would be the cost?
Nature - Wooden USB Sticks

Wooden USB Sticks

I am interested in your wooden handled USB sticks, for a possible promotion we are considering. What is the minimum quanity of an order, and what price?
Kinetic - Branded USB Sticks

Printed Flash Drives

Hi there, I would like to place an order of Kinetic flash drives for my company. Please can you send me an accurate print template to work off?
Active - Personalised USB

OTG Flash Drives

Hi, We would like order some new flash drives. Did you update recently you offer with new models? We are looking something new and would be great to have USB-C type connector as well. If you have got a sample kit, would be great to get one.
WalletStick - Custom Thin USB Drives

Logo Branded Pen Drives

looking a price for 100 8g pen drives with my name on them
Focus - Personalised USB

Custom Branded USBs

Hi, can you provide me with a quote for x200 and x250 4GB Twister, Nature and Focus USB Flash Drives with either one-colour overprint or laser engraving and pre-loading of data? I need to decide between the three Drives.
Alloy - Credit Card USB

Credit Card Style Flash Drives

Hi could you please quote to make x300 2GB flash drives, credit card style with print on one side - upload 6 documents.
Clip - Custom Paperclip USB Drives

Pantone Matched Flash Drives

Please quote for 2 and 4GB usb sticks with our company logo. For reference we use pantone 431C for the grey and 374C for the green.