FAQs What are your Lead times?

Flashbay's leads times, the time from order to delivery, are the fastest in the world and legendary within the industry. Most of our products are available on a 5 working days lead time for orders between 10 and 10,000 units.

Here you can see the steps from order to delivery which constitute the quoted lead time:
Quick Quote
Working Days from Order Date Actual Date* What happens on this Day?
Monday, 22 Jul 2024 You place an order with Flashbay for Star Multi Tool, branded with your company logo. Plus any accessories you'd like to add.
Monday, 22 Jul 2024 Sub-components of your order are collated, in preparation for production.
Tuesday, 23 Jul 2024 Products are Assembled and Branded with your artwork.
Wednesday, 24 Jul 2024 Products are Assembled and Branded with your artwork.
Thursday, 25 Jul 2024 Your order is Quality Controlled and Booked in for shipment.
Friday, 26 Jul 2024 Order in transit from Factory.
Monday, 29 Jul 2024 Order Delivered with you.
*Kindly note that before we can start processing your order, all specific details of that order must be confirmed:
  • Print ready artwork must have been supplied. Learn more
  • A 'Virtual PDF Proof' must have been confirmed. Learn more
  • Any data you wish preloaded on the products must have been received in full by Flashbay. Learn more
If you are considering an order for logo printed products for use on an upcoming event, it is wise to allow a few additional days on your side to request prices, product samples and 'virtual proofs' from Flashbay.

Although our track record for timely delivery is world class, occasionally our lead times can be extended due to circumstances outside our control, for example, courier delays due to bad weather. We recommend customers allow a few days extra delivery buffer when your order is mission-critical for an event.