FAQs What Controller do we use in our USB Flash Drives?

Flashbay currently uses the SMI 324 controller in the USB Flash Drives we manufacture. Please note this is subject to change without prior notice.

USB Flash Drive

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SMI324 USB Flash Drive Controller Information:

The SM324 is a highly compatible, and hi-performance USB2.0 Flash Drive controller intended for supporting NAND type Flash memory and SPI interface on one chip. The SM324 integrates a high-speed USB2.0 Transceiver Macro-cell Interface (UTMI) transceiver, a Serial Interface Engine (SIE) and an enhanced 80C51 compatible 8-bit microprocessor. By complying with USB specification ver.2.0 and USB Mass Storage Class specification ver.1.0, the SM324 can be supported by Windows XP/2000/Me default driver. Also it is supported in Windows 98/98SE, Mac and Linux operating system. For the power consumption consideration, the SM324 complies with USB power specification ver.2.0 for bus-powered devices. And for the USB2.0 Flash Drive application, the SM324 supports up to 8 data Flash banks and “Write Protect” security function. The SM324 is designed specifically for high-speed performance and high capacity USB2.0 Flash Drives. These USB2.0 Flash Drives can be used as removable storage disk for data exchange applications. With SM324’s complete software support, users can easily use USB2.0 Flash Drives for backup, and security. The objective of the SM324 controller is to drastically increase the USB Flash memory data transfer rate as well as reduce the overall system cost by offering a manufacturing-ready turnkey solution to customers. The SM324 is available in 64-pin LQFP package.

  • Complete USB specification ver.2.0 compatibility
  • Complies with USB Mass Storage Class specification ver.1.0
  • Bulk Only transport protocol
  • Complies with USB power specifications for bus-powered devices
  • Operating system supported: Windows XP/2000/Me/98/98SE, Mac OS 9.x and above, Linux Kernel 2.4 and above.
  • Master & Slave SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) for flexible applications.
  • ISP (In System Programming) firmware update capability.
  • Supports dual channel for Flash memory, averaged data transfer rate up to 32* MB/sec
  • Compatible with SLC NAND type Flash and up to 8 banks
  • Supports MLC Flash Memory with 4 symbols (bytes) ECC engine.
  • Supports VID, PID, serial number & vendor information update
  • Provides LED indicator when USB Flash Disk is in Ready/Working mode
  • Supports “Write Protect” security function to protect data in UFD
  • Supports suspend and wake-up resume
  • Integrated 80C51 compatible 8-bit microprocessor with enhanced feature
  • 12MHz crystal driver circuit
  • Fabricated in 0.16um CMOS process
  • 1.8 Volts low power core operation
  • Operates on a single power supply (Vdd = 5.0V)
  • Available in LQFP 64-pin (9x9mm including pads) package